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Was Darwin Wrong?

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20.07.2017 16:50, Gert Korthof E-mail Homepage :
Hi Donald, thanks very much for your post. You have done quite amazing engineering projects!

You wrote "... implausible that this allows a sufficient window for abiogenesis to have occurred on Earth".

How would you translate that into a scientific research project?
I think the way forward is doing experiments in the lab concerning the Origin of Life.

20.07.2017 14:33, Donald Cooper from Perth E-mail Homepage :
As I understand it, the origin of life on Earth has been pushed back by discoveries in Canada to at least 3.8 billion years. The first oceans formed around 4.4 billion years ago. There is some indication that banded iron formations could push the origin of life back further to around 4 billion years.
To me it is implausible that this allows a sufficient window for abiogenesis to have occurred on Earth.

02.05.2017 10:14, Carlos Seror E-mail :
By the way, I also harbor a number of unanswered questions about evolution in the Darwinian sense, although not being myself a biologist I cannot even dream of having a scientific answer to them. Anyway, I have just set about reading your page about Darwinism, which I will read as avidly as the one on information. What I like most in your texts is that you go straight to the essence of things and ask yourself the right questions. I find that so relieving!


02.05.2017 10:00, Carlos Seror E-mail :
I graduated in theoretical physics a long time ago, but have worked for 30+ years as a specialised translator for international organizations. In particular, my work at ITU led me to wonder about the essence of human language, and it has taken me almost 30 years to develop a formal theory of language as information. This very morning I came to the conclusion that Shannon's notion of information should be actually rebranded 'compressibility', so I launched a browser query with the words 'information definition compressibility'. The first result of my search was your site, which I have avidly read! Until now, nobody in the academic world seemed to care about my ideas, and I cannot tell you how exciting it is to find out that you have reached the same conclusion, though along a different line of reasoning. If only I could email you directly, I would try to expound on my ideas. I am sure you will be interested. Thank you in advance.


04.03.2017 15:15, Dominika from Slovakia E-mail :
Hello, Mr. Korthof,

I would like to discuss a possible talk on a stage of TEDxBratislava 2017 but I cannot seem to find your e-mail address. Could you please get back to me via e-mail? Thanks in advance and sorry for potential spamming as I will definitely try some more ways of contacting you :)

Have a nice day,


20.01.2017 17:17, Frank Visser from Amsterdam E-mail Homepage :
Hi Gert,

I have written a review of Evolution 2.0 here:

Added a video about the "information challenge" creationists often point to as evidence for the impossibility of evolution along naturalistic lines.

Marshall's creationism is somewhat under the surface in this book. He argues for the inclusion of fields supposedly ignored by standard evolutionary texts, but he is clearly overstating his case here: Carl Zimmer's The Tangled Bank covers most if not all of these topics.


10.01.2017 14:01, gert korthof E-mail Homepage :
Perry Marshall: "How do you get a code without a coder?"

Question: How do you get a Coder from nothing?

10.01.2017 13:50, gert korthof E-mail Homepage :
Hi Frank Visser,

Thanks for the tip. We have heard that before: somebody stans high above both sides; does not belong to any one of them, and has the ability and expertise to be an impartial judge! :-)
and in the end appears to be an Intelligent Designer...
If indeed he concludes that "DNA is a code, there must be a Programmer", then why write a whole book? Dembski and many other ID-ers did it a long time ago.
Concerning improving neoDarwinism, we have seen that before too.
Maybe, when I have time left, have a look at the cheaper ebook version.

All the best,

10.01.2017 13:42, gert korthof E-mail Homepage :
Hi John Hislop,

it is good to hear the review was useful! Thanks for commenting!


09.01.2017 21:43, Frank Visser from Amsterdam E-mail Homepage :
Hi Gert,
Have you seen Perry Marshall's "Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock between Darwin and Design"?

He seems to argue for a broadening of the scientific conception of evolution, beyond the confines set by Dawkins c.s. (fair enough), but then ends up with a creationist agenda according to which, since DNA is a code, there must be a Programmer!

Still, perhaps it is of interest to you in determining where (if at all) "darwin was wrong".

07.01.2017 12:14, John Hislop from Broadstairs E-mail :
I am a retired physics teacher catching up on my reading. I would like to thank you for your excellent review of Fred Hoyle's Intelligent Universe. I couldn't believe what I was reading and needed an expert's opinion. He was right on some things but not this!

06.11.2016 20:20, Maria B. O'Hare from Ireland E-mail Homepage :
Thank you for compiling all of this very excellent resource on one site. I have linked to it on my own site as it is very related to my own research and should be of much interest and use to others seeking scientific truth and understanding, particularly regarding biological evolution.

Thanks again

01.11.2016 09:19, Gert Korthof E-mail Homepage :
leuk dat U mijn pagina korthof73.htm hebt gevonden!

ik heb een aanpassing gemaakt.

31.10.2016 15:21, Marijn E-mail Homepage :
Op de pagina refereert u naar een website over zomertijd en wintertijd. De informatie op die pagina is redelijk summier. Op de volgende pagina wordt de zomertijd en wintertijd uitgebreider uitgelegd en wellicht hierdoor interessanter voor uw lezers.


12.01.2016 18:45, Christopher Busby E-mail :
I believe I may have solved your problems. Oh Yeah? Yeah. I have thought about all this stuff for 45 years but because some people are creeping up on my ideas I have written it down in a book, What is Life? This was published a few weeks ago. I can email you a copy of the pdf. It is not big. Or it will soon appear on Amazon UK. Cheers

21.10.2015 18:05, Pouwel Slurink from Nijmegen E-mail Homepage :
Beste Gert,
Heb je al eens gekeken naar mijn boek Aap zoekt zin, waarom we bewustzijn, vrije wil, cultuur en religie hebben? Als je vertelt over je site zul je zeker een recensie-exemplaar kunnen lospeuteren bij ISVW uitgevers, . Zie

Hopelijk ben je geïnteresseerd!
Met vriendelijke groet,
Pouwel Slurink[url]

24.04.2015 02:26, Wm Virtue from Illinois, USA E-mail :
Dear Gert, thank you for your lucid reviews that are a service to the scientific community - and to me. Your phrase "the error is hidden by..." shows the value of a philosophy education. I do not know how to use these blog sites, but have email. In Christ, WDV

05.04.2015 07:49, Bill Carey from United States E-mail :

Your main point in your review seems to be that he should have included cellularity in his characteristics of life. He clearly defines life as starting before cellularity but after the simplest replication...specifically life started when replicating molecules could use energy from the environment to speed up their replicating, allowing stable persistence and complexification at a systems level within the constraints of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which was new in the universe (at least here on earth). Cellularity, though perhaps the most important milestone toward modern life, is not a required characteristic of life, using that quite reasonable definition of life. I appreciate any comments... for instance, you might arbitrarily define life as having to start with cells, but that leaves out perhaps a billion years or so of replication and survival of the fittest, so I like Pross's take.
Cheers, Bill Carey

15.07.2014 10:48, Enrique Morata from Spain E-mail :
Please have a look at my book "Darwinland" in internet.

04.07.2014 02:07, Corrado Spadafora from Italia E-mail :
Dear Dr. Korthof,
this is an article you might be interested in: /info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjourna l.pone.0101629

Corrado Spadafora

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