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Was Darwin Wrong?

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23.11.2011 17:20, Ken Ranney from Peterborugh, Ontario E-mail Homepage :
Readers might be interested in a paper I have co-authored: A Note on the Role of Chance in the Formation of Proteins and the Darwinist Theory of Evolution, at /~ranney/darwin.pdf

The paper calculates probabilities for the random generation of DNA necessary to produce well-known proteins, rather than calculating the probability of random arrangements of proteins. The latter, though common in the literature, is a false approach i.e. it does not conform with what is known about the synthesis of proteins.


03.10.2011 07:58, gert korthof :
Hello Alex,
thanks for the recommendation. I wonder: was there a particular webpage or remark or whatever that triggered your advice?
Gert Korthof

03.10.2011 02:05, Alex Palazzo from Toronto E-mail Homepage :
Hi Gert,

I highly suggest that you read Michael Lynch's book The Origins of Genome Architecture (2007). It covers how population genetics can be used to describe eukaryotic genome organization.

22.04.2011 16:38, Stefano Marcelli from Darfo Boario Terme - Italy E-mail Homepage :
Dear Gert,
I thank you very much for your site that I found searching news about Lima de Faria.
IMHO the problem of biologists is that - because of having been too much oppressed in the past by all sort of religions, priests and creationism - they don't want to hear to talk about "invisible" any more. But the greatest forces the complex living beings move against and toward are of physical nature: gravity and sunlight. My evolution from a MD to a "monstrous" :-) kind of evo-devo biologist is due to these observations:
Best regards,


01.03.2011 03:49, Keith Allpress :
Hi Gert
In regard randomness - I think you are simply talking about operations, eg rotation, reflection, folding and other algebraic operations that transform hands into other hands, plus the idea of self-symmetry, transforms that can operate within a pattern. As a programmer I learn to look for behaviours, this is what distinguishes patterns into classes of behaviour.
The properties of the pattern determine how the steps needed to encode the pattern - more intrinsically ordered patterns should have algorithmic procedures to synthesise them, less ordered patterns will be less algorithmic. Also evolution might favour patterns that had fewer synthetic steps.

25.11.2010 08:13, gert korthof :
Hi Todd,
I know your name from the countless Amazonreviews!
We share interest in a lot of subjects, and as far as I can see, you are reviewing books as long as I do.
Success with everything!

24.11.2010 19:37, Todd I. Stark from Philadelphia, Pa. USA E-mail Homepage :
Gert, thanks so much for maintaining this very valuable site for the past decade. Your efforts are very much appreciated and I think this is an extremely valuable educational resource that should be more widely utilized.

You deserve a great deal of credit for your expert handling of the materials here as well as their breadth and depth.

I was very pleased to see that the site is still active and has evolved from its remarkable treatment of Darwin and his followers, modifiers, and critics into the shape of biology to come. Bravo.

06.10.2010 10:25, Dov Henis E-mail :
Whence And Whither

2010 Update Concepts Of Life/Evolution

On Life's Twist

A. Di Mauro's RNA formation concept is great. 2010/7/1/23/1/

But, a step further is required. How had the RNA become alive, i.e. how did it (1) uptake the sun's radiation and how did it (2) catalytically use it to perform work, to keep augmenting its constrained energy by keeping augmenting its self-propagation, WHICH IS THE ESSENCE OF LIFE ?


Or, is the mechanism of this twist known now?

It is now known how the RNAs, Earth's primal organisms, adopt an enhanced energy event's DNA conformation. But what is the mechanism of its recognizing the enhanced energy event? Does it derive from augmented RNA propagation and alternative splicing feedback loop, or is the augmented propagation a result of an energetic feature recognized by the RNA?

B. Ponder with plain commonsense, and stick to obvious data.

Sleep and chirality are data, evidence that RNAs ARE ORGANISMS, alive, that came into being and were active prior to evolution of biometabolism. RNAs are not just "genes in the organisms". They are Earth's base primal organisms. Plain and simple. Why complicate the obvious simple evident data?

Add to this the embarrassingly obvious evident data-based concepts of the dual cycle universe, with cosmic expansion as the driver of universal evolution, the continuous melee of mass formats for energy.

Our essential science interests should be the BASIC ESSENTIAL existential matters. Seek them carefully within the infinite number of mechanisms. Focus on the mechanisms that are rational evidence for the basic matters.

This is the opinion of an old-timer, a self-considered scientist, tired of the preposterous 20th-21st centuries technology culture and of the century-old corrupt science tradeunion-guild-establishment .

Dov Henis
(Comments From The 22nd Century) ommunity/user/profile/1655.pag e

Seed of Human-Chimp Genomes Diversity JM5OU6T27OC4MFQSDYEU/blog/arti cles/53079
03.2010 Updated Life Manifest ommunity/posts/list/ 65
Evolution, Natural Selection, Derive From Cosmic Expansion 05/the-question-reductionists- fear/

06.10.2010 06:40, gert korthof :
Dear Reader,
thank you for your comment.
The page on the New Scientist website does not exist anymore, so I cannot fix it.
But the complete letter is reproduced at the top of my page ortho44a.htm

04.10.2010 03:11, Reader : ortho44a.htm

The links "Letter to the New Scientist" and the "reply" are broken. Would you please fix them? Thanks.

25.09.2010 04:17, socratus from Israeel E-mail :
God: Ten Scientific Commandments.
God has given to Physicists everything that necessary
to understand Him and His Genesis by Physical Laws
and Formulas.
Scheme of Ten Scientific Commandments:
Fundamental Theory 0f Existence.
1 The Infinite Vacuum T=0K ( background- independent energy space)
2 The particle: C/D = pi, R/N= k , E = Mc^2 = kc^2 , h = 0 , i^2= -1
3 The spins: h =E/ t or ( h=kb ) and h* = h/2pi
4 The photon, the inertia: c=1, h=1
5 The electron: e^2 = h*ca, E = h*f
6 The gravitation, the star, the time and space
7 The proton
8 The atom
9 The cell
10 The Laws
a) The Law of conservation and transformation energy/mass
b) Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
c) Pauli Exclusion Principle
The test .
Every theory must be tested logically ( theoretical ) and practically
a) Theory : Dualism of Consciousness: (consciousness /
b) Practice : Parapsychology. Meditation.
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik. Socratus.

============================== .

21.09.2010 16:28, gert korthof :
I know who you are!
You are a coward to do it anonymously.

21.09.2010 14:58, person :
this is a fail at anything. evolution is obviously wrong. WRONG

23.08.2010 20:24, Misja vd W E-mail :
Het kan zijn dat de storing kwam, doordat ik te snel nog een keer op de "submit comment'-knop drukte, omdat ik dacht dat er niets gebeurde. Direct daarna werd ik doorgelinkt naar een pagina die me vertelde dat e.e.a. al gezien zou zijn (tekstherkenner kennelijk). En dan keek ik of het er al stond maar was er niets te zien. Misschien mijn ongeduld, je weet meestal niet hoe lang het duurt voor iets geplaatst wordt(en zeker niet de eerste keer) of misschien een korte storing binnen het systeem?

Vriendelijk dank voor het plaatsen alsnog van het bericht en uw reactie!

vriendelijke groet, Misja

23.08.2010 19:58, gert korthof :
Misja, heb de tekst gecopieerd naar

18.08.2010 09:27, gert korthof :
you are confusing senapathy's theory (I presume) and mine.

17.08.2010 14:56, darwin E-mail :
WOW!!! Have you completely misunderstood the most basic principles of evolution!!! Evolution starts with a fertilised egg???? What planet are you on???
Read Richard Dawkins "greatest show on earth" then try again

31.07.2010 09:51, gert korthof :
Dear Oren,
thanks very much for your message. Great that you found my website. I have changed the description on: f/korthof.htm
Nowadays so many new books appear that I cannot read them all! So thanks again for informing me!

30.07.2010 15:42, oren harman E-mail :
dear gert,

first of all, i want to thank you warmly for your wonderful website. i find it incredibly up to date and useful, and i'm sure the entire community is thankful to you for a job well done.

there is one correction that i need to offer: you kindly mention my book 'the price of altruism' but incorrectly state that it is about altruism but restricted to george price. actually, as i'm sure you'll see when you read the book, it is the most extensive treatment of the history of altruism that exists in the literature. it is two books in one really - a grand history of attempts to crack the riddle of altruism going back to darwin, and george price's story. i'd be most grateful if you made this correction.

many thanks again for your much appreciated efforts!

best wishes,


12.07.2010 15:08, gert korthof :
Hi Adam Crow,
thank for your info relating to f/korthof92.htm

I am going to find about Cicero's work and consider adding your info to the page on my website.

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Entries: 156
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